ZeroVAL (0VAL) Ethereum Token ICO Demo

Total Received: 14.25 ETH

28.5% Complete 14.25 ETH
Goal: 50 ETH

1000 0VAL Tokens for 1 Ropsten Ether

Bounty is 1.2x until May 11, 2018 at 6PM PST

ICO ends December 11, 2018 at 6PM PST

Purchase 0VAL Tokens (WARNING: Ropsten Ether Only)



WARNING: Ropsten Ether Only

Use the order form above with MetaMask wallet, or send Ropsten Ether to Contract Address: 0xd65bcd004c51181763E5c81133a0d72588AAe7c2

How to Use the Demo Ethereum Token ICO

There are two ways to purchase 0VAL tokens:

  • The first is to simply send Ropsten Ether to the contract address from a wallet that can hold Ethereum-based tokens on the Ropsten Test network. After the transaction succeeds, add the tokens to your wallet using the instructions below in the “Add Tokens” section. MetaMask works well for this demo because it meets those requirements, and also makes it easy to acquire test Ether via the “Buy” button.
  • The second method is to purchase 0VAL tokens is to use the order form (above), which requires MetaMask to complete the transaction. See the instructions below for details.

If you need Ropsten Ether for testing, see instructions below for using MetaMask, or use the Ropsten Ethereum Faucet.

Get MetaMask and Ropsten Ether
  1. Install MetaMask, a browser plugin for Chrome, Firefox and Opera web browsers
  2. In MetaMask, choose an account (U/R corner) and switch to Ropsten Test Net (U/L corner)
  3. If you need Ropsten Ether, in MetaMask click the “Buy” button. Next, click “Ropsten Test Faucet” and then follow instructions (it takes a couple of minutes to receive the Ropsten Ether. Get at least two Ropsten Ether because you will need a little extra for gas)

Purchase Tokens
  1. On this page (in the payment form above), select amount of Ropsten Ether to spend
  2. Click the “Buy With MetaMask” button
  3. Open MetaMask, MAKE SURE you are on Ropsten Test Net, then click the “Submit” button

Wait for the transaction to finish with a “Success” status (this can take anywhere from a few seconds to a minute or so — a higher Gas Price usually results in a faster transaction)

(TIP: You can click the SENT tab in MetaMask to see the status of your transaction. Click on the transaction to view the progress on Etherscan)



Add Tokens
  1. After the transaction succeeds (it takes about a minute), click the “Add Token” button in MetaMask (you should still be in Ropsten Test Net)
  2. Enter the Token Contract Address:
  3. The remaining info should automatically populate
  4. Click the “Add” button

(TIP: You can use the same procedure to restore tokens in MetaMask if they seem to disappear. MetaMask doesn’t actually lose the tokens; it simply forgets tto display them. You can also check your token balance using the blockchain viewer at