Zero-Value Payments

This currency is valueless so there’s nothing to lose!

Most modern currencies are subject to market volatility, causing erratic price fluctuations, which results in worry, angst and sleepless nights for investors. Even if invested in the leading currencies, you can wake up with thousands less in your portfolio than was there only hours earlier.

Welcome to the future of currency. Value is a thing of the past with zero-value currency.

Imagine a currency that is so predictable, you know what the value will be tomorrow, next week and any date in the future! Imagine a currency that doesn’t require complicated exchange computations. Imagine a currency that you can leave out on a public sidewalk, and it will still be there the next day. Imagine finding a 20 that the dog chewed to pieces, and you can just laugh about it! Imagine when your brother-in-law asks for (yet another) loan, you just smile and say “Here, have 100 on me!”

Benefits of Zero-Value Currency

  • No price fluctuations
  • No currency exchange discrepancies
  • Immune to theft, fraud or scams
  • Destruction does not cause loss
  • Lend it to friends and relatives without concern for payback

What Can I Do with Zero-Value Currency?

You can…

  • Look at it
  • Think about it
  • Talk about it
  • Lend it to friends or relatives
  • Borrow it from friends or relatives
  • Give it away
  • Sing songs about it
  • But you NEVER have to worry about it!

ZeroVAL (0VAL) Ethereum Token ICO

The ICO is now open! You can buy ZeroValue tokens using valueless Ropsten Ether.